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1. 1X2 Half Time VIP Bet
Half time bets are very popular in football predictions. Sometimes it’s easier to choose a winning predictions for the first half only than the final outcome of the match. Our betting team draws the most valuable VIP picks for half time. You can bet on all major bookmakers for the first half of the matches, as there are plenty of betting opportunities. The best bookmakers have many options in the first half, including, of course, a 1X2 outright bet, a bet over/under goals, corners betting and much more. We will focus our bets on the 1×2 half-time!
2. 1X2 Full Time Vip Bet
The best vip predictions are almost always the final outcome of the football matches. For the regular 90 minutes we try to choose the best betting option, and the odds should be good. It is not worthwhile to bet on a low odds at times, and a very good alternative for an Asian handicap final result or a number of goals to win. Our tipster team carefully selects the matches that it offers to customers to maintain good bets success for the regular 90 minutes of football matches.
3. 1X2 Combo Vip Bet
In this section, tipsters of the 1x2vipbets.com site will select multiple 1×2 matches each day to play in a straight column. When more than one match is settled, the odds multiply and the winnings get bigger. Of course it’s harder to guess two or three or four matches in a combination, but our team will handle this task. We advise you to keep track of your bets and make the right decisions when betting matches in a straight column. Good combo soccer predictions you can buy from us and just trust us to be a winner of soccer betting business.